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Rebuilding Muria’s Harbour Warung

Raised: 5.000.000 IDR / 3.000.000 IDR

We are proud to announce, that in less than 24 hours, we raised 5.000.000 IDR for Muria’s warung – which is 2.000.000 IDR more than what we asked for. A huge thanks to our Gili Air Community!

Let’s support the local community of Gili Air. Let’s help rebuild the harbour warung of our favourite warung-lady, Muria.

As a community, we need to stand up for each other, when individuals need support. Our favorite harbour warung, which was located in front of Oceans 5, had to close down and move in land.

Muria now needs to rebuild her warung, but she doesn’t have the funding to build up a new little place. It’s our wish to support the local community and help them rise, when they need support. This is why we want to create a fundraising for Muria and her warung.

Let’s help Muria by joining forces and raising 3.000.000 IDR, so she can start cooking amazing Nasi-bungkus for the island again.