At Gili Air's elementary school (SD)

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Mahatma Ghandhi’s quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world,” has grown wings

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At Gili Air's elementary school (SD)

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Music education can help spark a child's imagination or ignite a lifetime of passion

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The Founders

Gili Family

Lets change the World together, one island at a time

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Our recent causes

The 6th of October 2019, a tragic fire took place at Utopia Homestay, Gili Air. In the blink of an eye, two bungalows burned down to the ground, and a third one lost the roof.  After fighting 5 meters tall flames for 2 hours, the Gili Air Community finally managed to get the fire under …


Music can help spark a child’s imagination and ignite a lifetime of passion We have been contacted by the teacher and headmaster of Gili Air Elementary School (SD). They have a dream of bringing the kids of Gili Air to compete in a Angklung Music Competition! How magical is that? Music is what lightens up …


We are proud to announce, that in less than 24 hours, we raised 5.000.000 IDR for Muria’s warung – which is 2.000.000 IDR more than what we asked for. A huge thanks to our Gili Air Community! Let’s support the local community of Gili Air. Let’s help rebuild the harbour warung of our favourite warung-lady, …


What We Do


Being in the middle of touristy island isn’t a guarantee that the primary school gets all it needs to face the fast-changing environment. English isn’t included in the school curriculum. Thus, Soraya Foundation ensures English are taught in the local primary school by having an English teacher on the island, and slip an hour class every Saturday morning, free of charge and are open to all children who wish to attend.


soraya foundation

We started all our classes by wondering what could make these kids happier as they already are in whatever condition they are in. Extra-curricular is an alien term for them. When we brought in music instructor to teach them how to play a set of Angklung, their face lightens up. Soraya Foundation acknowledge how music creates ambiance, boost creativity, and confidence. With all the benefits of learning it and merely its presence, we hope that making it regular will bring us closer together.


For few years our friend Marge organizes circus show at the local primary school with the pirates’ retreat team who regularly comes to Gili Air. The kids love it so much and wish to learn such movement. This was the first requested workshop we facilitate for the bright little souls, and we gladly make it a regular one. We dare to dream that our kids will transform from being an audience to be a performer.


We strive to inspire our children in their early years to grow their curiosity, spark their love of learning, and build good character. Knowing that they are free to explore their interest and talent in safe and loving environment. This kind of place is considered non-existing before on the island of Gili Air, but our love of learning and our love for our kids made it all possible that Gili Playground has established.

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Helping underprivileged community living in Gili Air to build dreams is no small feat and we need your help! You can get involved in Soraya Foundation’s attempt at empowering the community simply by making donations through our channel.

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You don't need to be an expert in certain field to make a contribution within the society, it only takes one click and you can contact us. We need a lot of help.


You can join us in supporting the community of Gili Air by donating your time, energy or space to hold a fundraising event in your businesses / home country!

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You don't have to be a teacher or a dive professional to help, let us know what you are good at within our mission and we can create magic together.

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