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5 music classes for the kids of Gili Air

Raised: 1.000.000 / Rp 1.000.000


Music can help spark a child’s imagination and ignite a lifetime of passion

We have been contacted by the teacher and headmaster of Gili Air Elementary School (SD). They have a dream of bringing the kids of Gili Air to compete in a Angklung Music Competition! How magical is that?

Music is what lightens up the face of a child. At Soraya Foundation, we acknowledge how important music is for kids, as it boosts creativity and confidence.

Let’s join forces and help the kids of Gili Air to compete in the music competition. Do you want to help us sponsor 5 music classes for Gili Air Elementary School? Let’s raise 1.000.000 IDR together as a community.

Update: Thank you to Captain Coconuts Gili Air for donating to the kids of Gili Air!