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Zero Waste Gili Air

Raised: 2.500.000 / Rp 10.000.000


Zero waste is an important topic that continues to inspire. The term  represents a goal, something to strive for. It is the dream of Gili Air Community to make the island the first Zero Waste island in the world.

What is zero waste?

We might have different thought of what zero-waste is. However, we can agree that we all seizing the same goal—to conserve natural resources and to prevent waste from entering landfills, incinerators and the oceans. These days a lot of trash doesn’t even make it to the landfill. It fell on the side of the roads and most end up in the ocean.

How can we help each other?

We strive to have all the waste produced on the island to be managed on the island. Ideally to compost the organics and paper based scraps. Reduce the waste by delivering and trying our practical zero waste tips together, and recycle anything we can. Most importantly, you will find a place of community and support wether you’ve just started going zero waste.

Where will your fund be allocated?

We understand that we all need some practicality in our life, the fund you donated will be used to pay horse carts to pick up your sorted-waste to our centre to be processed further by empowered locals.

We are now one step closer to this dream with our new project. We are starting with beach clean-ups, creating a trash sorting centre and compost space.

Our main goal at Soraya Foundation: A brighter future. We can work towards this goal in many ways – but our target are: Education & Sustainability. A brighter future can only happen, if our beloved Mother Nature is still with us. This is why our goal is to help the local community becoming the first zero waste island. By educating and helping the local community creating less trash and reusing more of their resources, we can move mountains! No more single-use plastic on Gili Air. With just one step in the right direction, you can change the world.

Do you wish to help us on our journey towards a Zero Waste Gili Air? Donate to our cause of helping Gili Air becoming a trash-free island. Let’s change the world – one island at a time. 

Donate to our journey HERE.