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Lombok Earthquake Relief

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355 earthquakes in 5 days.

Every $ counts!
Upto 381 fatalities, over 1400 injured and more then 270.000 displaced!
Lombok and Gili need our help.

Even donating 10€ can insure food & supplies for an entire family for one week, until its safe again!
These are tragic time!
You can make a difference.

Indonesia’s Lombok has been jolted by 4 major earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks in the past week with a 6.4 on July 29 and an even more devastating 7.0 on August 5.

The death toll of the 7.0-quake has been continuing to climb (it’s up to 381 at the moment), hundreds have been wounded, and thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes. Electricity has gone dead in parts of the island, clean drinking water has been difficult to access, and local residents have been afraid to go inside structures, fearful that they could collapse.

I am one of the owners of Slow Villas in Gili Air. Our staff and I are victims of the Lombok Earthquake. We’ve been evacuated from Gili Air as advised. They are dispatching food and supplies to their villages in North Lombok’s refugie camps, with our help. As in Bangsal and Pamenang.

Keep sharing, liking, donating and supporting  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Thank you sooo much for them
Emmergency times, sorry if I haven’t thanked u personally yet. Will do when calmth returns

Lombok Earthquake Action Plan:

Step 1:
Help save lives  ❤️
Step 2:
Rebuild their homes
Step 3:
Help heal trauma with mental support 

Please donate:

Banktransfer with
Name: Soraya Foundation
Account nr: 1610004445677
Bank: Mandiri

Thank you
Much Much Love

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