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Bio Rock Reef Restauration

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Delphine Robbe is my favorite eco warrior on the Gili islands. She is a true inspiration for us. She never gives up and has managed to implement a serie of mind blowing projects around the Gili islands. With her warm spirit, she’s been on the Gili’s for ever.

Gili Eco Trust is a local NGO, it was created in 2000, to protect the coral reefs around the Gili islands, against destructive fishing.

Today the Gili Eco Trust has several Eco projects to regenerate coral reefs, educate, clean up, do some research and studies with universities, set up sustainable Eco tourism with green energies, give animal care, and much more.

We’d like to repair and improve the Biorock reef restauration program implemented around Gili Air. Biorock method consists of installing new artificial coral reefs on the ocean floor. These reefs are an ideal habitat for the corals, fishes, shellfishes, mollusks, seaweed, etc… On the other hand they are efficient wave breakers which protects beaches from erosion. The biorock reef restauration systems simply stimulate coral growth, by giving it a bit of electricity.

The Gili Eco Trust wants to develop a Biorock structure which would provide electricity by wind turbines, thanks to sea current. This Biorock method would be more sustainable.

We’d also organise a Biorock workshop at the school, and take the kids snorkeling to show them why we want to protect the marine ressources of Gili Air.