Conservation classes and NO single-use plastic free kit for the kids

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

I’m so happy & proud to announce that from November, my friend Rose and the Gili Shark Conservation Project team will start to organize conservation classes for the children of Gili Air. But there is more; they want to give the children the tools to say “no” to plastic. It’s our dream to put together a “PlasticFreeParadise kit” which we will hand out to the kids during the conservation classes.
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Circus Show at Gili Air SD school

soraya foundation

The Circus Show at Gili Air’s primary school has become an appointment no child of the island would miss. Coming to its 4th edition, once again a group of professional jugglers, performers, clowns and acrobats are coming to Gili Air and amaze the audience with incredible circus tricks.

The show is open to anyone who would like to have a laugh, be amazed, 
spend a different morning and contribute to the community.
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Community Music Classes in Gili Air

soraya foundation

We asked our English teacher, Agus, to have a look around and report to us how we could help the elementary school of Gili Air. One day in the back of the meeting room he found a serie of Indonesian instruments called Angklung. Angklung is a percussion instrument, made of a varying number of bamboo tubes, attached to a bamboo frame.

Similar to Western handbells, the tubes are carved to have a resonant pitch when struck and they are tuned to octaves. The kids hold the frame in one hand, with the other hand, they shake the instrument, which causes a repeating note to sound. Each of the kids in the angklung ensemble play just one note, but all together complete melodies are produced. What a beautiful lesson, don’t you think? Continue reading “Community Music Classes in Gili Air”

Community English Classes in Gili Air

Our community classes have started thanks to all of your donations to our NGO. Tourism / English Classes at Gili Air’s elementary school are running for the next year thanks to all of you!

Mahatma Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world,” has grown wings.

It feels so good to do something good. We had a fabulous meeting with the headmaster of Gili Air’s elementary school, and Pak Mus, the teacher supporting us. Our idea was to offer community classes for the children of Gili Air. As most of them, most likely will be working in the tourism industry, it felt right to give them the baggage for their future. Continue reading “Community English Classes in Gili Air”