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How it all began…

How are new projects born? We follow our dreams, they know the way. Then, if you put everything you have into it, success is the only way out.

One day Valentina came to see me, Julie. She told me that she’d like to start a Montessori inspired kinder-garden in Gili Air for her daughter, Soraya. Of course, it can also be for all other kids of Gili Air, otherwise it will be a lonely one.

I immediately found the project inspiring and became part of the adventure. After inquiring on which paperwork we needed to have it legalized, I realized that we had to create a foundation. Which had always been one of my dreams, I always felt like I had an eco-warrior inside me, begging to come out.

It felt like destiny for both of us. We had been living in Gili Air for several years and we always feel the need to give back to the island some of the magic it had given us.

Especially in such a crucial time, when the island was booming, it felt important to focus on education, water and waste management, all the while protecting the marine resources of the island and keeping the local spirit alive.

What the hand does, the mind remembers. Maria Montessori

At the same time, thanks to the Montessori inspired playground, donations, charity events; we’d be able to offer community classes to the children of Gili Air. It all seemed like it was falling into place.

Donate to our latest project – Gili Playground – the opening of the first Montessori kinder garden on Gili Air. The money raised will be used for basic equipment, renovation, teacher training, furniture,… 

A place where adults and children can come for help, guidance, and education.

You also want to donate?

Its never too late
– Donate equipment for the Children
– Donate by letting us organize a charity event in your business
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– Collect a 1$ a day from your guests
– Donate by bank-transfer or crowdfunding

Please donate, like and share with your friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for them.