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This book is in your hands for a reason…a delicious, passionate, juicy, electric reason.

Maybe you are connecting with your sensual self for the very first time—no matter how many years you’ve been alive.

Maybe you’re over the “junk sex” that seems to be the standard but don’t quite know where to begin.

Maybe your lover really, reallllly wants to try anal, but you’d rather gouge your eyeballs out with a teaspoon.

Maybe you feel dissatisfied with the middle-school sex education that left so many unanswered questions and only taught shame.

Maybe you’re healing old wounds in order to fully connect with your passionate, desirable, completely lovable and worthy self.

Maybe you just liked the book cover and want to experience an orgasm that feels like a rainbow spilling out of your lady bits, sprinkling magic over a sea of marshmallows.

Whatever the reason, know that it is valid. You are certainly not alone.

We live in the internet age of instant gratification like no generation before us. And yet, for all of our advances, we remain a society that reveres the virgin and shames the whore, idolizes the player and places accountability last. Slow Intimacy? Let’s just fuck. Vulnerability? Never heard of her.

When you turn the lights on to illuminate the dark, dusty corners of double-standards to reveal the shame and guilt that envelop and hijack our intimate experiences, is it any wonder that you’ve got this book in your hands?

We are shamed for our desires, shamed for embodying pleasure and power, shamed into submission. Can you feel it?

We invite you, beautiful soul, to smash down all the walls. Chuck energetic dynamite at everything standing between you and your pleasure. Burn it all away.

The sexual self sits in the seat of POWER, and it’s time to reclaim the throne.

We invite you to come as you are. We invite you to join in this (s)exploration.

If you’re looking for permission to live an unabashedly pleasure-filled life, here it is.

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